Sunday, 21 February 2016

Regrow Pak Choi

Pak choi is a delicious, versatile vegetable that is a great plant-based source of calcium. I love to regrow pak choi at home on my windowsill because it helps reduce food waste - you can just cut the leaves you need as and when you need them. It also reduces the amount of unrecyclable plastic packaging I have to buy, and eliminates a few food miles too. Basically it's pretty good for the environment. It's practically free, very satisfying, and fun to do. Here's my simple guide to growing your own:

I like to reuse old houmous and Vitalite tubs, but you can use teacups, plant pots or whatever you have to hand. If you have enough room or a garden you can plant the bottoms in soil after several days and the new leaves will grow even bigger. Happy regrowing!

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